About US

I’ve always liked a plant, especially the wild sort. Ever since I was a kid i’ve used our native flowers, and then finally in 1998 I started the Grass Roof Company.  Since then we have introduced wild landscapes into schools, public space and onto roofs.  Many of these ideas we trial in our own garden, here is a link to the work we do at home.

We can use this love of plants as a tool to change places for people and for other wildlife.  Greenspace is key in making places liveable and good.  We are privileged to work in public space as the potential to change and improve our towns and cities is huge and so underplayed.


Brownfield Landscapes

Its the places we feel relaxed about destroying, yet they are potentially the most exciting habitats for wildlife we have.



Shipping container buildings

We love used freight containers, they have already spent at least 10 years at sea, they are immensely strong and versatile.  A perfect base to fix green roofs and habitat walls.



Our guide to green roofs
We share all we have learned over the last 20 years of building green roofs.


Cycle and bin Shelters

These really make both your council biodiversity and cycle officer happy.  A good safe place to put bikes and a great habitat in one and delivered complete to site.

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For articles and features on our work


Green roof buildings

Green roofs make sense.  For me they give somewhere to add plants and biodiversity.  For the cities they cool their surroundings and reduce flooding.  For you they insulate/cool your place and increase the life of your roof. All good.


Social housing green space

We have been looking after the green space on Clapton park estate for 15 years. With the help of residents we have changed and learned a lot.  Its a great place, I love working there and we have made many good friends.


Habitat panels and planters

Our ideas for providing valuable nesting space in the heart of our cities.


Our Green Roof Book

Written with my green roof mates, Dusty Gedge, Nigel Dunnett and Ed Snodgrass we share our thoughts knowledge and great pics.