Habitat Panels, Planters and signs

We all know pollinators are vital to us, but our most vital pollinators are solitary bees.  These wonderful bugs get overlooked in favour of the more glamorous and sociable Honey Bee.  We love them so much we always clad our buildings in holes.  Holes in wood from 3-10mm, they love them and given the right aspect make there home in them.  Happy days.

That’s all good but the majority of our 250 species of native bees nest in the ground. 

Last year we trialled what we are calling sand planters, a section of drainage  pipe filled with soil surrounded by a perforated steel ring packed with sand.  We are hoping this will be a way of getting a pile of sand into urban places and provide space for plants.  The holes in the steel are 10mm diameter, big enough to let our native bees in but still contain the sand. Some bees like the vertical to nest and some prefer the horizontal.  We really hope this will help to provide valuable nesting space into the heart of our cities.

Over the years we have worked to get habitat into our street infrastructure, we have built bee and bird nesting into the back of notice boards and even got bee habitat into the fabric of signs and logos.  What says more about your commitment to biodiversity than your company logo full of life?