Clapton Park Estate ‘the poppy estate’


We have been looking after the green space on Clapton park estate (the poppy estate) for 15 years. With the help of residents we have changed and learned a lot.  Its a great place, I love working there and we have made many good friends.  Most of all though we have learned that all social housing deserves decent green space and the way to get that and keep it is to value the people that look after it.


Grape vine leaves are really popular for stuffing and making into Dolma

Residents picking young almonds to be eaten whole

To really make a change towards imaginative and community based green space we need to change the contracts that Grounds maintenance teams works to.  

Based on our work at Clapton Park and working with Drummond Richardson a PHD student we have written a sustainable template for grounds maintenance.

We need contracts that are judged by residents not tape measures!


Here is a wonderful map showing you some of the changes to improve the gardens.  Everything in the key has been built/planted with the residents since we started in 2002.